About Us


Mission Statement 

We strive to understand the needs of our clients so that we can provide outstanding service and personalized attention. All in an effort that contributes to the success of our clients and the attainment of their business goals.

Who Are We

Specialty Claims Management is a boutique third-party claims administrator with offices in Southern California, Georgia and Massachusetts. We provide cradle-to-grave claims services with full claims payment, accounting and bank reconciliation services. We also record, store and report on loss data. We regularly upload loss data to our clients and provide loss runs as required by the program.

Who We Do Business With 

We value the opportunity to work with clients of all sizes. We currently do business with many of the largest insurance carriers in the world. But, that doesn’t stop us from working with individual companies carrying high SIR’s (self-insured retentions), risk retention groups and reinsurance companies.

Our Company Culture

Our company culture emphasizes the highest standards of professionalism for our clients while doing so with a “family feel”.  We are a company that prioritizes its employees. We provide extremely rich employee benefits including fully paid health insurance, vision and disability. The company also purchases life insurance for every employee. We cannot provide the highest levels of service to our clients if we don’t have the commitment from our employees. 

Customer Experience 

It is our job to settle our clients’ claims accurately and efficiently. We have built our firm with a very flat organizational structure. This allows us to provide outstanding customer service and promote a 24-hour response to any inquiries from our clients.